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    Founder & CEO
    A revolutionary tool that takes ANY document, PowerPoint or video and, with 1-click, turns it into onine learning. The tool uses AI, and sophisticated active learning software, to produce learning that leads to high retention and recall. It also automatically curates external content, again it automatically creates online learning from that content.

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    The original idea for Learning Pool came from a conference I attended in the US on the Naspterisation of the music industry. When CEO of Epic plc, I took this idea to the IDEA and we created a shared, online content & authoring resource for the public sector. The company was subsequently bought by Paul Macillvaney and Mary MacKenna. Brilliant company and fun people, with leading position in the provision of online learning into the public sector.

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    CogBooks was selected by the Gates Foundation as one of the top adaptive learning software companies on the planet. It provides leading-edge, adaptive learning software to the US Higher Education and MOOC market. Fantastic platform based on good cognitive science and learning theory, that turbo-charges learning.