Donald Clark electrified the atmosphere at the end of the long day – we really need to bring something like this to all conferences!

Donald Clark’s session blew my mind away. His charismatic and amiable demeanour complimented his informative and candid session which was peppered with light-hearted humour.

Of all the presentations of the e-learning conference in Barcelona, I found yours most inspiring, motivating and … shocking.

Best keynote – Donald Clark – genius – Could have listened to him all day. Wow – he had everyone in the palm of his hand. He embodies the very meaning of learning and makes you want to embrace the technology! Controversial, provocative but incredibly effective presentation and a natural. Get him back for next year.

The most provocative session of the three days was the Big Debate, in which Aric Sigman … was capably countered by Donald Clark, who identified numerous points of false logic in Aric’s argument.

As always managed to add some controversy and colour to the event.

The closing keynote from Donald Clark was refreshingly provocative, and generated a fair amount of discussion on the Twitter backchannel .

Took time to enjoy this keynote last night and was very pleased.

As you planned Donald Clark appears to have stuck a long stick into the training wasp nest. It’s prompted me to further investigate the spectrum of ‘young learner’ material.

A compelling keynote by Donald Clark at the ALT-C 2010 conference, entitled ‘Don’t Lecture me’.

What can I say – you were fabulous – great feedback and went down a real storm with everyone. We would definitely be inviting you back at some stage to do further work at the University. The talk in the office this morning is all about your presentation and how great you were!

Everyone was talking about your presentation and how well it went….we would love to have you back to speak to a wider audience

Just a quick note to thank you for the afternoon session at the recent SkillPort Cafe in London. I enjoyed your presentation no end. It was refreshing to hear someone speak so openly and with obvious knowledge about the state of learning or I guess non-learning in the UK.

Donald, once again a thought-provoking conference. Donald Clark really left his mark on the audience, and reminded us of our responsibilities to evolve our practice alongside the rapid technological advances.

I agree with other delegates about Donald Clark. He was a revelation to me. His ideas seemed obvious when you sat back and considered them, yet none of us had thought about them before!!

I loved Donald Clark’s articulate, engaging, educational, and infomative piece. I would love to get Donald in front of some of the education teams I now work with and just see and feel their reaction – that would be sensational.

Donald Clark made a very robust and witty rebuttal of Keen as well as knocking the stuffing out of many cherished educational theories such as constructivism and learning styles.

The session will no doubt trigger hundreds of entries to the blogosphere – several from me – but one message that I decided to start with which Clark eloquently delivered concerned the blind acceptance of the plethora of theories around cognitive and behavioural science. Clark quickly highlighted several very well-known people and their respective theories including Vygotsky (constructivism), Gagne (9 steps of instruction), Mazlow (motivation) and Kirkpatrick (learning assessment).

The content in most of the sessions was stimulating, challenging and in some cases absolutely inspirational. I’m referring in particular to a keynote session on the final day, presented by Donald Clark, who was articulate, humorous, and at times, deeply profound in his analysis of the process of learning.

Last week we had a talk from Donald Clark, followed by a very enjoyable dinner and perhaps a little too much beer. The beer was great, but Donald was greater. As he laid into everyone’s cherished but ill-founded beliefs from Vygotsky to learning styles (with an especially damning indictment of neuro-linguistic programming), the tension in the room was tangible. Most went away shaken and many were perhaps a little changed by the experience.

….especially the shy and retiring Mr Clark, who sent some of us out wanting to kick over some tables, so that was well-timed.

Donald, always polemical, always challenging. As usual he made people stop and re-evaluate learning and the processes we use to engage learning. For a chap who has retired there is nothing retiring about his presentation style; in your face! As always he is able to back up his stance with good research and practical examples. Excellent session.


Provocative and intelligent blog from Donald Clark

Jon Dron

It’s a rollicking good read.

Jay Cross

Donald Clark’s Plan B Blog is really worth reading.

Controversial, lively and provocative views on the role of e-learning and learning technologies in Higher Education from a man who knows his stuff – a must read! Check out Donald’s latest views visit his blog Plan B and follow him on Twitter